Liturgy II kneel2look@gods - version with 8 TV monitors

Interactive installation. 3D virtual demo. Composed of 8 monitors assembled in the form of a cube, which people interact through sensors that generate 3D objects in real time on each side of the display without interruption. The behavior of the contents and images is modified by the sound, the ambient noise and the movement created by the single person kneeling inside. All around a theme video projection with the subject. The installation consists of a wall made of a retroprojection screen with variable size (according to the exhibition space), from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the screen a hole with a niche of space surrounded by a cubic structure formed by TV monitors greets spectators kneeling inside on a prayer carpet for the interactive experience. The visual parts formation technique includes a seamless mapping of the cube formed by the TV, provided by a software generat 3D images in real time, guided by an interactive tracking system of the user's movements. On the outside screen, a specially created artistic projection entertains the audience while waiting to enter the mystical cube. Project by MARG8 AudioVisualArt visual by Retrophuture