Liturgy II kneel2look@gods - technical features

The project incorporates the research carried out since long by the artists MARG8 AudioVisualArt and RetroPhuture on the relationship between the ideological, mystical and religious representations of the numinous phenomenon and their relation with society and virtual technologies in particular. The 3d images move in a mirror-like fashion following the spectator's movements, so that they are reflected in a sort of "mystical mirror", in which the deities are in motion according to the moves of the viewer. After the due act of submission (hence the title: “KNEEL TO SEE THE GODS”), the viewer finds himself face to face with the representations of the Sacred and in fact makes them move at his will, in a physical mise en scène of the eternal question between involving Man and Divinity: who created who? The front giant mapping show a morphed representation of the trinity (or Trimurti), the anthropomorphization of the most mystical geometric figure: the triangle, are intended to show that, in a world where religions tend to fight and conflict for supremacy, primary symbols are universal and common to the representation of the divine in the different cultures, in fact hint Jungian interpretations, faraway from dogmatic and theological disputes, rather suggesting, through images merging into a series of seamless morphing, integration and harmonic interplay. TECHNICAL FEATURES The virtual simulation is composed of n.8 monitors, 55 inches each, assembled on a structure to form of a cube, inside which a single kneeling person interacts through sensors controlling real time computer generating 3D objects show on each side of the displays without interruption. In such manner, the objects follow and mime the viewer’s movements. A device for tracking people makes the 3d images move in a mirror-like fashion so that they are always placed in front of the spectator's face and at a distance proportional to his movements, so that they are reflected in a sort of "mystical mirror", in which the deities are in motion according to moves of gazer. On the panel built around the cube, a retroprojection mapping of videos displaying images in theme with the subject. To access the cube vision it is necessary to bend or kneel inside of the open side of the cubicle between the monitors, on which the images are generated and moved in real time, while the other people is waiting outside look at the projected videos.