The site-specific project for this contest resumes and re-elaborates some of our previous works (video mappings, exhibitions, installations, concerts and live performances), as well as new or in-progress ones, and it is based on the theme of angels as protective and fabulous sacred winged figures present in all cultures. The Angel, this ethereal presence, and yet physical and seductive, is in fact, spiritual but also sensual and enclosing. Man has always imagined, invoked, desired, sought, implored or feared angels, or winged semi-divine figures, acting as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth. A protecting, defending, comforting presence; an incarnation fading between the exile of the matter and the spiritual fullness. The messenger and the guide who whispers the longing for a paradise of lost innocence, toward which he leads our soul back, holding it in his wings during sleep and vision. But who and what are angels really? Where do they live? Which dimension do they come from? Do they really exist or are they just handsome mythological inventions? We wanted to create a video mapping where myth, consciousness and European symbolist poetry become a tangible experience, where audio and video contribute to creating a state of nostalgic and sublime rapture. A project by RetroPhuture & Marg8 (Fabrizio Passarella and Gianni Giovanni Margotto) with the technical programming of Giovanni Sgambato