Sacred Dreams - Project for 1minute Projection Mapping - Odawara Castle, Japan

Mapping project by MARG8+RETROPHUTURE for ONE MINUTE PROJECTION MAPPING COMPETITION @Odawara Castle, Japan Our videomapping project for the fantastic walls of Odawara Castle was conceived as a compendium of the work we have been doing for years on the poetic and mystical side of religions, in which we seek to merge common spiritual traces, as well as aesthetic and iconographic analogue features. On the powerful walls, visions (precisely intended as visual rendering of mystical and poetic texts) appear and mix, following each other in a mesmerizing phantasmagoria. They range from Tibetan Bodhisattvas to Islamic mystical gardens and calligraphies, from European Cathedrals’ stained-glass windows to Far East Buddhas, from classical mythological godheads to light-bearing angels, from the dancing Sufis to the ubiquitous representations of the Trinity, easy to find in any anthropomorphic representation of the divinity, even in tribal African sculptures… Love, death, the infinite circle of rebirths, the contemplative ardor, the beauty of the enshrined iconography and the hypnotic and suggestive music aim to transport the viewers for a few short seconds into a vortex of (Sacred) Dreams that bring them closer to a higher dimension, in which poetry itself becomes a new liturgy.