LITURGY XXX-1 - LUXBIBEM 1+2+3 - The 3 stages of enlightenment - STAGE 1

A project by MARG8 AudioVisualArt The illumination experience goes by 3 stages through 3 machines operating in the modes: 1 high/low 2 front/back 3 all around. Synchronized light impulses with increasing and decreasing sound frequencies, applied for a certain period of time, operate subliminal psycho/physical changes. The devices are composed of the following: A circular base formed by 3 steps that act as a pedestal, to which the same inverted structure corresponds in the upper area, located at a distance of about 2.0 meters from the base. Inside the two parts, there are 2 projectors of approximately 15,000 lumens of power oriented upwards and downwards, which, pointing towards each other, illuminate the subject standing through the holes of the cylinders. The operation takes place automatically through a photocell placed in the center.