LITURGY XXX-2 - LUXBIBEM 1+2+3 - The 3 stages of enlightenment - STAGE 2

A project by MARG8 AudioVisualArt The illumination experience goes by 3 stages through 3 machines operating in the modes: 1 high/low 2 front/back 3 all around Synchronized light impulses with increasing and decreasing sound frequencies, applied for a certain period of time, operate subliminal psycho/physical changes. The devices are composed of the following: Made up of three cylinders aligned and spaced from each other by about 60 cm, with dimensions of about 2.0 meters in diameter, 3.0 meters in length, while the one in the middle has a length of 40 cm, in which the subject positions themselves by touching the internal walls, which act as switches to start the operation, regardless of the direction in which they are turned. Inside and in the center of the two larger cylinders, there are 2 projectors of approximately 15,000 lumens oriented towards each other in order to illuminate the area of the middle cylinder through the inside of the cylinders and the semi-transparent caps from the inside.