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Fabrizio Passarella

(Fabrizio Passarella)

Was born in Contarina (Ro).
 He studied at the Artistic Lyceum and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Painting).
 After graduation he began his artistic career and, simultaneously, experimenting in the fields of design and graphics.

 After spending a year in Berlin (which left indelible impressions on his artistic work), he began to exhibit regularly in galleries and museums, since 1978.
 Although mainly involved in painting, he soon found himself exploring video and electronic music since the early ‘80s, organizing installations / multi-media events, combining painting, music, performance and video.
 He was hence involved with a few other Italian and international artists on the project of Medialismo theorized by the critic Gabriele Perretta.

 In 1994 he got a residence in Düsseldorf from Nordrhein Westfalen Department of Culture, during which he worked on a series of works that have been exhibited in major contemporary art museums in Germany and Italy (Ludwig Museum - Köln, Kunstpalast - Düsseldorf, Staedtliches Museum - Moenchengladbach, Castello di Rivoli, Gam - Bologna, GAMeC - Bergamo, etc.).

 As a painter and media artist he was invited to many solo and group shows in galleries, foundations and museums by prominent national and international curators and critics. In 2005 he was invited (the only foreign artist for that year) to Expo Trastiendas in Buenos Aires with his installation Ex-Statica (previously showed at the Museo d’Arc in Rome).

 His works are in important collections, foundations and museums (Mambo-Bologna, Bulgari Space-Miami, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Rome, etc.) and have been exhibited in significant international exhibitions on Italian art of the 20th century.
 Since 2010/11, abandoning painting almost completely, he conceived the project Retrophuture, an experiment of polymedia art which includes images, graphic design, video, lyrics and electronic music.
 The project aims to find a wider feedback than the traditional circuit of contemporary art (galleries, museums, etc.), through the Internet and specific interventions in alternative places such as monumental cemeteries, industrial buildings, discos, public spaces, antique museums, etc. Since then Retrophuture was received quite positively by the media, with articles, reviews, conferences, lectures, workshops (Rai 3, Fine Arts Academies, etc.), invitations to major Italian festivals of electronic visual and musical art (Miami, RoBOt, Hybrid, Mibart, Summer 50 Hertz, Metacinema Festival etc.).

 The videos from the cycle Neurotronik Tv have been exhibited at the Bienal del Fin del mundo (Argentina and Chile) 2014/15 and Curitiba (Brazil) 2017/18, after winning the 3rd prize at the Santorini Biennale 2014.
 His video Jeratica (part of an installation exhibited during Art First in Bologna) was reported in the top 10 at Miami Art in 2010.
 The video The Arabesque-Adorned Garden, exhibited for the first time at the Municipal Museum of the Middle Ages of Bologna, has won of the Videoinsight award during Bologna Artfair 2017.
He also designed communication materials for Tuxedomoon, Peter Greenaway, Vinicio Capossela etc., and covers for the renewed Italian musicians Cesare Cremonini and Datura.

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