Quantum art

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The Purpose

The purpose is to create "artools" for regenerative/thaumaturgical, timeless, aspatial experiences that have effects of decoherence and physical disruption on a subliminal level. These works combine aesthetics, technique, and spirituality.

Through ritual procedures based on mechanics and electronics, energy, matter, and biology are manipulated to affect the deep spiritual unconscious of the person, who is thus engaged in a direct confrontation with their own self.

The Works

The phenomenology of the works is generated in real-time, created by the observer/user, each time new and different. They fulfill the dual aesthetic and functional purpose of a work of art and a physical/spiritual device. Each work has a specific and different task that relates to being in its deepest part, engaging the individual in a personal internal/external relationship that unknowingly promotes a path to psychic healing.


This path does not guarantee any visible or tangible effect because it is based on faith and personal inner perception, which, unlike the current world, cannot be measured either on a material or mental level.


the works must underlie these triangles that guide the realization:

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