MARG8 = Gianni Giovanni Margotto

Gianni Margotto

(Gianni Giovanni Margotto)

Graduated in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, is an artist, set designer, expert in computer technology, a digital/web designer, a V.J. and an exponent of contemporary electronic visual art.

 He mainly expresses his art though video, “transfiguring” and destroying black and white or using supersaturated and distorted electronic colours, obtained by glitching, moshing and bending techniques, using either digital or analogue media and node based audioreactives applications with visual programming in order to control events on real time.
Lately he produces own life electronic installations aimed at "spiritual awareness" through particular sensory experiences.

 He collaborates with Italian organizations and companies using innovative and interactive technologies for consulting multimedia presentations, architectural mapping, digital interfaces, 3D rendering and visual design.
 He has organised several workoshps and training internships in the fields of art, information technology and web and founded a few production companies.

 He also collaborates with musicians, DJs, producers, directors, actors, cultural and theatrical associations, non-profit organizations, private and public bodies.

 He has created multimedia and virtual installations and video theatrical performances for companies, galleries, artists, institutions and for various environments such as squares, industrial buildings, historical museums, churches, historical courtyards, exhibition spaces, etc. to name a few: GAMeC Gallery of Modern Art (Bo), Circolo Artistico Bologna, Municipal Museum of the Middle Ages of Bologna, Museum of The History of Bologna in Palazzo Pepoli, San Giorgio in Poggiale Library of Art (BO), Museum of Perfume of Florence, Marconi Gallery Milano, Studio Cristofori (Bo),  Arte Maggiore Gallery Bo, Manzoni Auditorium Theater (Bo), Tivoli Theater (Bo), Knowledge House in Casalecchio di Reno (BO), Verdi Municipal Theater of Saludecio (Rn), Theater Festival of Sant’Arcangelo (Rn), Armonda Theater (Rn), Flaminia Foundation (RA), UISP Emilia Romagna, Genus Bononiae (Bo), Keplero Musical Cultural Association, Ten Teatro (Bo), Ass. Tardigrada, ONO Contemporary Art Gallery, ABABO Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, ALMA MATER STUDIORUM University (Bo), Flaminia  Foundation (Ra), Durex SSL Healthcare Italy Spa, Guaber Spa, Centergross Spa, Promostil Paris, Imperial Town, Vanti Group BMW Italy, Vans, Creations Walt Disney SAI, Laura Biagiotti Junior, Katia G, Sisley, Club Vacanze (MI), Villaggio della Salute (Bo), Centergross (Bo), Carlo Lucarelli, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Matteo Belli, Emanuele Montagna, Andrea Mingardi, Fabrizio Passarella, Iano Betti, Carlo Conti, Dmitry Distant, Lee Jaffe, John Tiberi, Alessandro Gomma Antolini, Stefano Tonti, Luzee, Lorenzo Villoresi, O.C.D., etc ....

 Live events or performances in clubs and public spaces: Aleph Club, Cocoricò Morphine Club, Barcelona Disco, Villa delle Rose Club, Kinki Club, Ciak Club, Matis Club, Spritzbook 1 and 2, Estate 50 Hertz festival I, II, III editions, The Arabesque-adorned Garden, Art City Night 2016, Sprivinkle - A disturbing night, Serial Killer - the dark side of evil,  Wave Alternative Club, Streetango, Prodi Hall UNIBO, Altertango, Grotta Rossa, 4/quarters Social Art Bar, DreamingTango extraordinario PDF Motorcycle BG, Terribilia Courtyard Picture Gallery, Academy Fine Arts ABABO, Petrella Theater, Tondelli Hall Theater, Art for Peace ZÜRICH Cathedral, Contemporary Art Gallery L'Ariete, EX Slaughterhouseetc FC, Classense Library RA, Mash Guru Manchester UK , 1minute Projection Mapping Competiton Japan, Madame Claude Berlin DE, ACSEE Video Mapping Contest 2020 Datong Wall China, CosmoLights 3D Proiection Mapping Competition during Cosmopolis Festival 2020 - Kavala Greece, etc...



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