VITRUVIAN of Liturgy Metaverse


VITRUVIAN is a character part of a collection of 3D entities that populate the LITURGY METAVERSE

VITRUVIAN is a it is a modular entity based on the studies of Leonardo da Vinci.


The figures present currently:

ALIEN is a being from another space and another dimension that is not subject to the physical laws of this planet

ARTIST is a creative who believes he is the holder of absolute truth

DEVIL is a being who hides himself under the most unsuspected forms and pursues evil and what ever causes destruction

EMPLOYEE is a subordinate, a paper passer crushed by bureaucracy and orders

ETHEREOGHOST is an intradimensional being that lives and acts in the interstices of human

FORLIGHT is a synthetic and technological angel who helps and saves every individual who comes into contact with him from problems

FOOL is a being that cannot be traced back to any social category even if it is used for recreational and deviant purposes

GORMANDIZER gulp down anything edible in large quantities without worrying about any side effects

GOVERNOR he who judges, controls, regulates and commands every living being of his jurisdiction

LIAR is essentially a shameless and unethical lying capable of repudiating even himself

MONK chose to live according to religious rules following mythological and ascetic beliefs

PIXIE is a completely dematerialized fairy elf who creates and manages his own reality

POLICEOT he is the guardian of law and order, investigates and arrests all the people he believes are against government laws

POPRIEST he holds religious control over the beliefs of his followers and arrogates to himself the right of spiritual guidance and spokesman for God

PUPPET it is a totally non self-conscious and non self-determined being that can be used for any purpose

SCIENTIST is completely dedicated to science and technology and guided and regulated by it until it becomes a real creed

SEXUAL it is a multi-sex slave and mistress of all forms of perverted sexuality and mating for commercial use only

SHAMAN is a practitioner of the most ancestral mores and traditions aimed at both personal and humanitarian purposes

TAOIST is an abstract entity formed by various symbols and religious beliefs that mix without rules and paradigms

VITRUVIAN is a it is a modular entity based on the studies of Leonardo da Vinci

WARRIOR is a fighter who acts at the orders of whoever commands and pays him

WITCH is a sorceress who works autonomously creating spells and sorcery not perceptible to humans

WORKER is a laborer who builds any type of object and is subjected to the forces that have him under contract

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