"Liturgy" series


The series of LITURGY projects are responsive videosculptures and A/V shows  for "quantum art * and also reactive installations / sculptures / performances used as "liturgy Art-tools". Sacred spaces and act where art, science, religion, health, spirit, technique come together pretending to change the observer's mind.

- The purpose and the medium:

  • create regenerative, thaumaturgic, atemporal, aspatial experiences with decoherence and physical controversy effects
  • create a different perception of oneself to install a quantum connection to raise the general spiritual level of the human
  • DNA reprogramming through psychic and emotional meta-sensory perception

- quantum sculpture / installation use:

  • abstract machines based on human interaction
  • non linear phenomena
  • use of quantum entanglement
  • superradiance
  • absorption of photons
  • stochastic results
  • mental processes with space / time translation
  • parametric dispute
  • quantum decoherence
  • radionic tools
  • recharging ethereal energy 


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